“I FINALLY finished cleaning up my dictionary so I can do the number
conversion… AMAZING example of having the software WORK for YOU.
Thanks again, Anastasia!!”

Linda Lee Mendel, CSR

* * * * * * * * *

“Anastasia is absolutely remarkable.  Oh my gosh.  She knows Eclipse like the back of her hand.  She was able to show me simple editing short cuts, explain step by step how to make the best use of many of the unbelievable features the Eclipse software has to offer, how to set up block files, how and why to fine-tune some areas of my dictionary – and that’s just for starters.

“If you have had any other court reporting software, you are in for a real treat.   Eclipse is an amazing product, and I can’t think of anybody who could have more knowledge about it than Anastasia.  She is friendly, personable, and is just a wealth of information.  Our first session was three hours, and the time just flew by.   Every time she showed me a new feature, I got more and more excited.  We spent so much time laughing and enjoying ourselves, yet I learned more in three hours about Eclipse than I knew about the previous CAT software I’d used for years.

“Our time is too valuable to not take advantage of what Anastasia has to offer.  She gave me some great handouts, set up the minimum California transcript guidelines for me so I didn’t have to do that.  She provided me with some block files and on and on.  I mean, seriously, for professionals who place such a premium on our time, Anastasia will make your life easier in ways you can’t imagine.  Whether you’re new to court reporting or a seasoned reporter, you absolutely must invest some of your time and spend it with Anastasia.  You’ll walk away feelin’ the joy!”

Michele Fieldson, CSR